Bayside (CD, Aug-2005, Victory Records) SIGNED COPY/SEALED

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Bayside  CD  Aug 2005  Victory Records  SIGNED COPY SEALED
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21 Aug 2019
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Denver, Colorado

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(MAKE AN OFFER)I haven't been able to find a signed and sealed copy of this album anywhere. Given that, I'm setting the price high and letting interested parties make an offer to ensure it goes to the right buyer. According to the record label's website, a small amount of these promotional discs were signed by the band before being sealed at the label's factory. Tragically, while touring on this album- the band's van lost control on icy roads while travelling between shows in Boulder Colorado (where I actually obtained this copy at a secondhand store) and the drummer (nicknamed Beatz) died as a result. His "Beatz" signature is visible on this copy, to the right of the "Limited Edition" sticker. 

Definitely a sad story and an eerie object to own honestly. I don't mean to capitalize on the tragedy, I simply have no personal reason to keep this and I feel it would be better for a diehard fan or someone who deeply appreciates the history behind this item to own, than for me to keep it or sell it normally to someone who might not even care about it. I'd hate to let this go to some company or something that is just going to open it/ruin it, only to find out that it would have been incredibly valuable to the right person. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.