The Beatles In MONO ~ 14 LP Box Set~Near Mint Original Packaging~180g vinyl ~OOP

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The Beatles In MONO   14 LP Box Set Near Mint Original Packaging 180g vinyl  OOP
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29 Oct 2018
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Chicago, Illinois

Item Description

PLEASE NOTE: This auction is for LOCAL PICKUP / DELIVERY only - Chicago and environs. If you’re within 15 miles of zip code 60625, I will deliver this to you, if you like. Feel free to make an offer. Now please enjoy some fun facts about this particular item you are looking at:

OK, if you’re looking at this you know all about it, so I'll skip pasting in the boilerplate description. This copy is 100% UNPLAYED! Many of the records were unsealed during a failed “unboxing video” attempt, but beyond that have never left their sleeves. WHY DID I DO THIS? THIS THING SAT FOR A DAMN YEAR IN ITS ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX? Well, what’s done is done.

This set is complete (yes, with the stupid foam thing and even the silica packets). All the records (14), all the sleeves, all the stuff inside the sleeves, the book, the big box, and the outer promo sleeve thing. Everything is NM / M-, but for fun let's knock the book down to EX (it was on a shelf for a while, though I never got around to really looking at it) and the box itself let's call EX to be safe. UPDATE - I JUST DAMAGED THE DUMB OUTER SLIP THING WHILE ATTEMPTING TO PUT IT BACK ON AFTER TAKING THE PHOTOS (SEE FINAL PHOTO). WHY CAN'T I HAVE NICE THINGS? So let's downgrade the outer promotional slip thing to a VG or even G+. I'm tempted to throw that thing right in the trash, but cooler heads have prevailed.

One final detail: I put a regular (non-sealable) protective record sleeve on "Please Please Me" after the failed unboxing video, since I could tell that the adhesive on the original would eventually either crap out or take a piece of the actual cover with it once actually in use. Back when I had big plans to rebuild the turntable setup and sip wine and bask in the glory of this beautiful box set...

5-day auction, local only, let's rock!

Please let me know if you have any questions.