SPK Dokument VOD 143 Clear Vinyl 7LP 7 DLX Box Set Friends Ltd Ed 38 99 RARE - rare vinyl collector item

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SPK Dokument VOD 143 Clear Vinyl 7LP + 7" DLX Box Set Friends Ltd Ed #38/99 RARE

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28 Oct 2018
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Belfield, NSW

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SPK Dokument VOD 143 Clear Vinyl 7LP + Bonus 7" Box Set Friends DLX Ltd Ed #38/99 w/Certificate, Die-cut SPK Board, Dokument Booklet, Poster, T-shirt Uber Rare!

SPK Dokument - Recordings 1979-1983V.O.D. 143 Box Set
Vinyl-On-Demand, Germany, 2016
Friends Edition, Limited to99 numberedbox sets
Media - Mintcond (unplayed)
Box- Mint
This is a very rare Friends Edition boxed set of SPK Dokument - Recordings 1979-1983,which was released in 2016, by Vinyl-On-Demand (VOD). Only99 of these box-sets were produced, each coming with a numbered certificate, with this one being #38. Thedeluxe burgundybook-like folder contains7clear colouredvinyl LPs, as well as a bonus 7" single. In addition, there is alarge booklet (reproducing material from the original Documents, which accompanied some copies of the original pressings of Information Overload Unit, and Leichenschrei); a large foldedposter reproducing 4 vintage SPK posters; a die-cut SPK stencil board; anSPK T-shirt (different to T-shirt supplied with some of the standard box sets), and an numbered VOD certificate.
This is a magnificent box set, and is a must have for anySPK fans. The LP titles & track listings are provided below, along with notes about the contents ofthe box.
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Information Overload Unit (1980) A1Emanation Machine R.Gie 916 5:23 A2Suture Obsession 5:06 A3Macht Schrecken 5:19 A4Berufsverbot 5:30 B1Ground Zero: Infinity Dose 4:18 B2Stammheim Torturkammer 4:33 B3Retard 4:25 B4Epilept: Convulse 2:32 B5Kaltbruchig Acideath 4:32 The 7 Inch Tracks (1979-1981) C1No More 2:05 C2Contact 4:22 C3Germanik 6:09 C4Factory 2:13 C5Retard 3:01 D1Slogun 6:16 D2Mekano 2:13 D3See-Saw 2:25 D4Chamber Musik 3:10 Leichenschrei (1982) E1Genetic Transmission 3:17 E2Post-Mortem 2:24 E3Desolation 1:18 E4Napalm / Terminal Patient 2:39 E5Cry From The Sanatorium 2:26 E6Baby Blue Eyes 2:38 E7Israel 2:46 E8Internal Bleeding 1:46 F1Chamber Music 3:27 F2Despair 4:45 F3The Agony Of The Plasma 3:03 F4Day Of Pigs 4:18 F5Wars Of Islam 4:32 F6Maladia Europa [The European Sickness] 3:50 Backing Tracks For Leichenschrei (1982) G1Bells 3:34 G2Napalm 2:47 G3Funk No. 1 2:32 G4Funk No. 2 2:53 G5Porno 3:49 G6Nihil 2:51 G7Chamber Musik 3:53 G8Despair 5:03 H1Metal 1:22 H2Day Of Pigs 4:43 H3Gregorian Chant 4:02 H4Wars Of Islam 4:43 H5Funkentanz 4:36 H6Serenace 8:33 Other Studio And Compilation Tracks (1981-1983) I1Metal Field [Auto Da F] 5:55 I2Walking On Dead Steps [Auto Da F] 6:12 I3A Heart That Breaks [In No Time Or Place] [Auto Da F] 4:29 I4Another Dark Age [Decompositions] 6:58 I5Twilight Of The Idols [Decompositions] 4:21 J1Culturecide [Decompositions] 4:46 J2The Sickness [Studio US, 1982] 6:04 J3Genetic Transmission [Alt.] [Studio Sydney, 1982] 4:48 J4Serenace [Instrumental] [Studio London, 1982] 8:17 J5Zombod [A Selection, M Squared] 3:00 London Heaven And Electric Ballroom (1982-1983) London, Heaven, 31.10.1982 (Mixing Desk Master) K1Maladia Europa [The European Sickness] 4:45 K2Suture Obsession 4:49 K3Berufsverbot 5:29 K4Metal Field 5:50 K5Funkentanz 4:34 K6A Heart That Breaks [In No Time Or Place] 3:52 London, Electric Ballroom, 26.04.1983 (Audience Copy) L1Ich Klage An [Euthanasia] 8:05 L2The Kult Of The Human Head 6:57 L3Die Elektrischen Vorspiele 4:51 L4Hopi Burial 5:26 L5Satori 5:25 Backing Tracks For Electric Ballroom & Brixton Ace (4-20-83/4-26-83) M1Satori 5:23 M2Ich Klage An 6:58 M3Voodoo 6:35 M4Die Elektrischen Vorspiele 4:34 M5Twilight Of The Idols 4:25 N1Hopi Burial 5:16 N2Haiti 8:04 N3In The Dying Moments 6:07 N4Life After Hope 5:57 N5Culturecide 4:28 London, Electric Ballroom, 26.04.1983 (Audience Copy) OHaiti 8:48 PIn The Dying Moments 6:52

Limited Friends Edition of 99 copies.
Deluxe burgundy colour book-like folder in outer holder. 7LP and 7inch in clear vinyl. The Box-set combines all of their early works and the band's history prior to Graeme Revell signing to WEA.
Comes with a 14-page booklet, a t-shirt, a poster, a die-cut SPK cardboard and hand-numbered certificate.

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