Pink Floyd LP - Dark Side Of The Moon Vinyl UK 1973 1st Press Complete Album

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Pink Floyd LP   Dark Side Of The Moon Vinyl UK 1973 1st Press Complete Album
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25 Aug 2017
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Hello all! My prize copy of Pink Floyd's - Dark Side of the Moon vinyl - 1973 Harvest 1st pressing original UK release - is up for sale!

This iconic SHVL804 solid blue prism'd prog rock album is in fantastic condition throughout - il try my hardest to give as many possible details as I can so you feel completely comfortable when purchasing - nothing is being hidden here - for marks or damage etc, scroll to the bottom of the page under Wear and Tear - iv listed it separately to bring attention to it directly.

The Album Sleeve

The album cover, well... It's completely unmarked both inside and out both back and front. It is the original matte finished, midnight blue colour not black and granted it's difficult to tell in the photo, I tried to capture the colour difference using the LP itself on the adverts main photo (1 of 12) It's still rich in colour and no sign of fading what so ever.

The Vinyl

The LP is in magnificent shape - solid blue prism centre with very minor spindle damage - the LP has recently been professionally cleaned and it looks and plays like it was bought brand new yesterday! both sides play perfectly, no jumping or skipping - comes with its original black poly vinyl sleeve.

In my photos, the first vinyl collage is Side A with all its etching and the second vinyl collage is Side B with all its etching - in case the picture is unclear, they are listed below

A side - SHVL804 A-2 11L (photo 7 of 12)

B side - SHVL804 B-2 11R (photo 8 of 12)

The Album Extras

• 2 stickers

• 2 posters

I would say the posters have been unfolded maybe twice? once by me for the photos, they are uncreased, unmarked and in pristine condition.

The stickers are the same. They remain unstuck with the brown, diagonal, crack back peel off backs still attached.

Wear and Tear

This will be short - everything is pictured in a collage on the last photo in the gallery (photo 12 of 12)

• a minor fray to the bottom right corner

• A very minor fold to the bottom right corner

• It's not exactly damage but it's missing the album sticker from the front cover

• One sticker has a slightly folded edge but doesn't compromise it's look in any way as can be seen

• The spindle damage I mentioned can be seen in photos 5, 6, 7 and 8 - it's very minor

Sign Off

So that's it, I don't think iv missed anything! If you feel iv missed something or you require more information, please feel free to send me a message regarding anything you wish to know