LED ZEPPELIN - S/T (1969) UK 1st Press LP Turquoise Superhype Uncorrected Matrix

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LED ZEPPELIN   S T  1969  UK 1st Press LP Turquoise Superhype Uncorrected Matrix
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11 Apr 2017
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Rye, East Sussex

Item Description

LED ZEPPELIN - " LED ZEPPELIN ", Atlantic Records (588171) Stereo, 1969.
Very rare, UK first pressing of this LP - this particular copy of this landmark album is very first variant pressed. As such, it has the front and back laminated sleeve with the turquoise lettering, it has the "Superhype Music" publishing credit on the label and it has matrix numbers which are uncorrected - see photos.
Matrix and stamper numbers
SIDE A = 588171  A//1     1  1  1
SIDE B = 588171  B//1     1 8   2
Professionally cleaned on my Moth record cleaning machine and put in a new poly-lined inner sleeve (with the original retained to keep it complete, of course).
To get things moving and because a record like this always finds it's true value in auction, I am going to start this listing at just 99p!
VINYL  =  V.G. (No deep/major scratches, no groove damage, no excessive loud surface noise, no distortion, etc. Labels still in reasonably clean condition with just a few light spindle trails. Under the scrutiny of a bright grading lamp, a lot of light superficial suface marks are visible. But being a well pressed 60s record, they do not affect this LP as they might on later or inferior pressings and there are no big thunks as the needle crosses a particular mark, etc. Playback is certainly a bit better all round than the visual condition would suggest - there is some faint background surface noise audible during silences between tracks and during some of the quieter parts of certain songs. Once the music kicks in though, it obscures this and plays well, importantly it plays clear and strong without distortion - this record certainly hasn't been overplayed (the label condition also attests to this) or played with a worn or damaged stylus. So, definitely no museum piece condition example but one that still has plenty of life left in it, ready to be played and enjoyed as it should be. With mint copies of this 1st press/variant LP now selling for anything up to £3000+, this is good chance to find one for a much more reasonable price. A good honest example of a 48 year old record. Definitely superior to much later represses and beyond comparison with hideous, sterile CD remasters!
Note: for the purposes of this listing I have tested this LP on my Linn LP12 Sondek turntable - generally this is quite a critical test, but I must point out that I cannot guarantee exactly how this LP will sound on your turntable - common sense for most... but then this is ebay!!!)
SLEEVE =  V.G. (No rips, tears, seam splits, heavy ringwear, heavy creasing or defacing. Generally this sleeve isn't bad on most fronts - still the shape it should be, with just some small creases in the laminate and a bit of delamination along the spine front and back. However, the bottom section of both front and back covers suffers from some sort of foxing or discolouration... possibly from moisture under the laminate, although there's no signs of damage or water ingress inside the sleeve and it still sits nice and flat, so perhaps it's from something else? Not really sure, either way check out the provided photos for further clarification)
NOTE: I must point out that we are actually a long standing physical record shop, with many decades worth of selling, trading and grading records under our collective belts. Unlike so many of the jokers now selling records on ebay, we know how to grade records. Before bidding, please read my description carefully, decide how much this record is worth to you and place you max bid accordingly. Please also feel free to check out my feedback from the many other successful transactions I have made in the past.