THE ROLLING STONES 1964 1969 LImited Edition Remastered Vinyl LP Box Set - rare vinyl collector item

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THE ROLLING STONES 1964-1969 LImited Edition Remastered Vinyl LP Box Set

THE ROLLING STONES 19641969 LImited Edition Remastered Vinyl LP Box Set
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21 May 2015
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Kalamazoo, Michigan

Item Description

THE ROLLING STONES 1964-1969 LImited Edition Remastered Vinyl LP Box Set

Strictly limited edition 13 vinyl LP box set that encompasses the Stones' early UK releases. The box set includes nine remastered Rolling Stones studio albums, two remastered EPs, plus two 'Big Hits' collections. The first five titles in the set are presented in their original mono format, affording, for the first time in years. The inclusion of the band's original two Hits collections was mandated by the fact that UK album releases in that era most often did not include contemporaneously released hit singles.

This listing is for the the very box set described above and shown in the photographs. They were individually numbered, this one being 007,716.

These have become extremely rare and sought after. I remember in the first 2 years after it's release they would show up on eBay and Amazon regularly enough, but there hasn't been one on eBay for a while, and on Amazon there are 7 listings starting at $1,100.00.

This one has been opened, and I played each vinyl only once, on a Rega P7 turntable with a Dynavector cartridge, giving it the best treatment possible and hearing just how amazing they do sound. But as I am a huge Stones fan, I have originals of these in US and UK editions as well as certain other represses too and I can't keep everything, sometimes we all have to let some stuff go!

As far as condition specifics go, as mentioned, it is open and each LP played once, all the jackets and vinyls are NM- at worst, with a small hairline or sleeve mark here and there throughout, that will not affect play, but I looked all of these over and there is so little of that anyway it's hardly worth mentioning; HOWEVER, there are 2 small flaws I do want to make note of: the jacket on Metamorphosis has 2 extremely small spot of wear on the back - so insignificant they're barely noticeable, and the vinyl for Aftermath has a small area on side one last track that has a slight 'spot' r 'bunch' of hairlines that cannot be felt so shouldn't affect play. This was something that happened while being pressed and I don't recall hearing anything when I listened to it. That said, I pride myself in being able to grade records very well, but if there is any concern I will do a play grade, I just did not want to put the vinyl under a needle unless absolutely necessary, being that they've all been played only once. The outer box has very light typical wear from being on a shelf, with a few light marks here and there from being moved around and one small impression at the top of the lip on the front side, it still looks great and is in great condition.

The pictures above are of the actual item for sale.

Please e-mail with any questions or legitimate offers, as I accept/entertain offers via message on my store listings and even on auctions. However, I don't offer the "or best offer" on my buy-it-nows, and if there is t be an offer on an auction, please do notsend offers that are lower than my STARTING bid, as that is obviously where I wanted to start this thing. If there is a legitimate offer, I will pull the auction and re-list it as a buy-it-now for that person; everything must be done through eBay.

International buyers (those outside of CONUS) please take note of your shipping costs before purchase as this item will ship through the Global Shipping Program and I do not know those costs.

I will ship this with the utmost care, as I pride myself on packaging my items very well, and because of the price of this item and it's rarity, I am not accepting returns on it. I believe my listing is highly descriptive, and all questions will be answered accurately, and with the time it will take to package it, and the eBay and Paypal fees that would need to be reversed in the case of a return, I would just as soon not want to do any of that, so please, no returns with this specific item, so please be sure you absolutely are sure about it. On that note though, I have only ever had 2 things returned to me, and neither one was a record.

Thanks for looking, and please be sure to check out my eBay store and my other listings for sweet records.