1964 Meet The Beatles STILL SEALED MONO LP Record - rare vinyl collector item

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1964 Meet The Beatles STILL SEALED MONO LP Record

1964 Meet The Beatles STILL SEALED MONO LP Record
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21 Mar 2015
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Rossville, Georgia

Item Description

Hello,..and welcome to my auction of this fine example of a 100% guaranteed original ,authentic and genuine 1964 Capitol Records T-2047 ,Mono, Meet The Beatles,,in absolute NEVER BEFORE OPENED ,STILL IN IT'S ORIGINALLY FACTORY SEALED PLASTIC SHRINKWRAP all the way around with only a minimal 1" opening at the mouth of the album...this album was originally purchased at 2 Guys Dept. store,..a dept store in New Jersey in the 60's,..where I am originally from. the dept. store sticker is still on the top right corner of the back of the album plastic, and you can also see that the record album sleeve inside is blue,..and on the back lower right corner of the album cover beside the riaa stamp is the number 2,.i believe it is more desirable to collectors. any way,..this album is a VERY high condition collector grade example of the Beatles 1964 breakthrough album. and very rare to find still sealed, and a certain investment piece. This will only be worth more in the future. Please ask any questions you like,.and bid or purchase in total confidence ,.I have 100% positive feedback ,.and Ive been buying and selling on ebay since 1996. this album will be shipped via U.P.S. Ground at actual cost. HAPPY BEATLES!!..