Beatles LP Help Genuine 1965 UK 1st STEREO pressing - rare vinyl collector item

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Beatles LP - Help! Genuine 1965 UK 1st STEREO pressing

Beatles LP  Help Genuine 1965 UK 1st STEREO pressing
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09 Feb 2015
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The Beatles –Help!– A genuine 1965 UK 1st STEREO pressing on the yellow & black Parlophone label with ‘Sold in UK…’ label text, catalogue number PCS 3071.
Pressed ahead of the 6th August 1965 release date and with an ultra-rare MT tax code and 1st mother stamper.
Between March 1963 and mid 1965 there were numerous changes to the Parlophone label which helped identify the chronology of any given record. There was of course the label change from the Black Gold Parlophone label in early ’63 to the familiar Yellow & Black label. Then came the edition of ‘sold in UK’ label text and the removal of ‘Recording First Published’ to simply the letter (P), and then, in July/August 1965 came the removal of the ‘Parlophone’ rim text to ‘Gramophone’. Help! therefore was the first Beatles album to feature the new ‘Gramophone’ rim text.
Having made all these minor changes in the previous two years EMI would make no further label changes until mid 1969, a period of 4 years, when the wording ‘Sold in UK’ would be removed. This would be of no consequence except for the fact that in 68/69 EMI started to press stereo records in larger and larger quantities as stereo became more popular; also, fans by this time were replacing their worn out mono copies with stereo ones.
The problem collectors have is that the label on a 1969 stereo copy of Help! is identical to that from 4 years previously and as the matrix code on the record did not change in this time, 1969 stereo’s (which are clearly not 1st pressings or 1st issues) can be easily passed off as 1965 originals. Whilst ‘69 stereo’s are still rare in decent condition they are nowhere near as rare as 1965 originals as the sales of stereo back in 1965 were still extremely small.
This copy, up for auction, positively dates to 1965 and more importantly is a 1st pressing almost certainly manufactured ahead of the 6th August 1965 release date, most likely dating to July 1965. This is confirmed by two separate factors; firstly the presence of early stamper codes; 3 AR & 1 AR (first mother) but more importantly the presence of an early and by then outdated MT tax code. 1965 stereo copies of Help! are of course extremely rare in any event but with the MT tax code present they are in the bracket of the ‘ultra rare’, add to this the astonishing condition of the record, (it has received only a handful of very careful plays in it’s now 50 year history) and we have an extremely desirable record which can only appreciate in value.
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Matrix numbers: YEX 168-1 & YEX 169-1

Stamper codes: 3/AR & 1/AR (First mother)
Please check out the pictures and read on for further details:-

Visual: MINT-
A beautifully preserved disc which is totally unmarked in strong daylight. It retains its original factory sheen and shop freshness. Even under an unforgiving halogen desklight no marks are revealed other than faint whispy sleeve removal marks. The heavy duty disc lies 100% on the turntable.

A superb set of fresh labels showing only a small number of spindle trails. Side 2 has the ultra-rare MT tax code usually associated with much earlier releases. There is no writing to either label.

Audio: MINT-
Silent intro and then side 1 bursts into the title tracks Help! Tracks such as The Night Before, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love way and It’s Only Love sound fresh and dynamic. The easily damaged inner most track Ticket to Ride plays superbly. Yesterday is distortion free and with barely any noticeable surface noise on the run in. All in all a stunning sounding copy with little to no surface noise audible between tracks or on the music. Needless to say the record does not jump or stick. Being very familiar with the mono version, what struck me most when listening to this stereo version is how very different it is from its mono counterpart. McCartney’s elongated ‘Yes’ during his vocal on The Night Before is very different to the mono version, the echo on Lennon’s vocal on You’ve Got to Hide Your Love way are just two examples, all in all a different sounding record to the mono version and a necessary inclusion to any Beatles collection.
An original stereo 1st issue patents pending Garrod & Lofthouse cover, dating to the original release date of August 1965, with the larger outline stereo. A superb example with very little to fault. The front panel is pristine except for a tiny amount of wear on the bottom left corner. The rear panel is clean and veryfresh and shows very little signs of handling.On close inspectionand when angled towards the light I noticeda superficial crease mark near the top left flipback.All flipbacks are strong and fullyintact and there are no signs of writing or personalisation to any part of the cover. The spine is perfect. The cover is a fraction short of a nr MINT grade but stronger than an excellent +. Most dealers would grade at nr MINT for sure. Original ‘65 covers in this condition are extremely rare, just check out the rest of ebay and your local charity shop to see the vinyl on sale, now mostly 70’s and 80’s.

Inner-sleeve Excellent +

Original and correct Emitex rice paper inner in superb condition.
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