Beatles LP Beatles For Sale Genuine 1964 UK 1st pressing - rare vinyl collector item

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Beatles LP - Beatles For Sale Genuine 1964 UK 1st pressing

Beatles LP  Beatles For Sale Genuine 1964 UK 1st pressing
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08 Feb 2015
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The Beatles – ‘Beatles For Sale’, ‘Parlophone’ rim labels, ‘Recording First Published …’ and with ‘Sold in UK…’ label text, catalogue number PMC 1240. Pressed ahead of the 4th December 1964 release date.
A stunning investment grade copy which has been played only once in it’s entire 51 year history
When it comes to the mono version of ‘Beatles For Sale’ -1N & -2N matrices were not used. The matrix sequence began at -3N and was used alongside the -4N matrix; most collectors and dealers consider a ‘Beatles For Sale’ -4N matrix copy to be a 1st pressing even though this reasoning is not applied to other Beatles releases. This particular copy however has -3N on both sides, and numerically is the earliest possibly matrix for this UK release and can be safely regarded as a 1st pressing.
However, there are other indicators that point to this being a genuine UK 1st pressing manufactured ahead of the December 4th 1964 release date.
The labels have the ‘Parlophone’ rim text, (this was to change to Gramophone within a few months). In addition to this, the labels carry the wording ‘RECORDING FIRST PUBLISHED 1964’ this too was to change in a few months time to (P) 1964. However, what makes this particular copy rare, other than what has been mentioned above, is the double digit mono stampers PT and MT which clearly put this pressing ahead of the December 1964 release date. So with all this information to hand, what we have here is a very early and rare 1st pressing of the Beatles For Sale.
However, what makes this particular copy extraordinary is the condition it has been found in. Played only once by it’s original owner before being returned to its sleeve; the record has remained untouched for 51 years!
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Matrix numbers: XEX 503-3N & XEX 504-3N (-1N & -2N were not used on any UK 1st pressing)
Stamper codes: 3/PT & 2,5/MT
Please check out the pictures and read on for further details:-



Visual: MINT-

A remarkable looking disc which has clearly received only one play in its entire 51 year history. The vinyl has all its original factory sheen and is totally unmarked. Even under an unforgiving halogen desklight nothing much more is revealed. Simply beautiful and very close to an all out MINT grade. This super heavy duty vinyl lies 100% flat on the turntable. Bearing in mind this is the earliest -3N UK 1st pressing its condition is astonishing and is now near impossible to find in this condition. Not to be missed.

Labels: MINT-

A fabulous set of factory fresh labels. Side 2 has an interesting and rare label variation with the outer rim having a slightly different texture or sheen to the inner label, most likely the result of an older style press during the record’s manufacture at the EMI Hayes plant in Middlesex. The KT tax code is visible on side one.

Audio: MINT

As the visual aspect of the record suggests the audio is breathtaking with absolutely no groovear or distortion to any of the music signals. Beatles For Sale is one of their more acoustic albums and finding an audio on a UK 1st pressing which essentially replicates the original Abbey Road recordings is not easy. Tracks such as Baby’s in Black, No Reply, Words of Love and I’ll Follow the Sun, to name but four, are a joy to listen to on this copy. The audio grading for all tracks on this vinyl is MINT. Most gaps are silent with only the sound of the needle on vinyl evident between the occasional track. This is one copy I will be sorry to see go. A fabulous listening experience and a true audiophile copy.



Due to its flimsy construction and also due to the difficulty in removing and placing the record back into the inner gatefold area, it has become one of the hardest of all Beatles covers to find in excellent to nr mint condition. This original dark 1964 sleeve has remained untouched for the best part of 50 years and this becomes apparent when handling it.

A truly superb example; the front panel still has its original sharp edges and is free from any thumbnail creases. The only imperfection to the front panel is a laminate crease to the top right hand corner. The rear panel also retains its high gloss laminate sheen and shows none of the wear normally associated with this cover. The writing on the spine is clearly visible. All in all this is a great cover and ultra rare in this condition.

Inner-sleeve EXC+ to MINT-

Clean & correct 1964 ‘rice paper’ inner with no writing.

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