Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon LP ORIGINAL RARE First GB Press Vinyl - rare vinyl collector item

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Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon LP - ORIGINAL RARE First GB Press Vinyl

Pink Floyd  The Dark Side Of The Moon LP  ORIGINAL RARE First GB Press Vinyl
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08 Jan 2015
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Hello and welcome to my record auctions. I am a lifelong record collectorauctioning some records from my personal vinyl collection. I have been buying records since the early 1970s. Most have been only lightly played and many never played at all as I often taped them for my own personal use when new. Of course, then CD came along and I bought most on CD too which meant the records were redundant! As a result, the records have been extremely well looked after and when they have been played it has generally been on Linn or Rega turntables with properly aligned quality cartridges and a light stylus tracking force of 1.5 to 1.75 g.
My records are all original pressings (1st, 2nd and subsequent) from the 60s/70s/80s/90s. They are not modern re-issues which in my opinion often sound second rate compared to the original analogue pressings. To truly appreciate the magic of vinyl you need to seek out the originals from theheyday of the LP record :-) When I use the term "original" in my listing titles it is purely todifferentiate them from the ever increasing amount of modernre-issues. "Original" does not necessarily mean first pressing, but often it does - please read my listing details for full information.
When I have been playing my records for grading purposes I have been staggered with the sound quality compared to digital. Vinyl often sounds superior to my ears, more full bodied with superior dynamic range and greater impact. I also think the analogue mastering for many original records was probably better than their CD or download equivalent or maybe master tapes deteriorated prior to digital versions being mastered. I'd love to keep all my records but I don't have the space these days so I need to reduce my collection somewhat before it is forced on me!
Please read the description below for vinyl condition(as per the Record Collector Grading System), but for most of my records the vinyl can be considered as in near mint or excellent condition, shiny and with no significant marks – basically almost as good as when it came out of the original shop. What's more, my records are beautifully clean because they have received proper storage and care!All my records (unless "mint" to start with) have been cleaned using high quality Record Cleaning Machines (either a £3,000 Keith Monks Omni VII RCM or a Moth Pro Mk II RCM) and the best record cleaning solutions such as "Art Du Son". Not only does this wet clean/vacuuming process remove any dust and surface marks (such as fingerprints) it also significantly reduces background noise and many argue that the lower noise floor results in opening up of the sound and improved fidelity. Following cleaning, records are placed in new inner sleeves and the sleeve is given a new plastic outer protective cover.
The covers vary in condition but most are excellent just showing the usual signs of storage. Most have been stored in plastic protective covers. I try my utmost to provide accurate descriptions, test playing all records in theirentirety. The quality of my records isreflected in the excellent feedback I havereceived from satisfied buyers, many of whom come back for more. I provide detailed photographs to illustrate the quality.
A word about hairline marks. It is almost impossible to find any non-sealed record without any hairline marks - many had them from new,particularly if sold with cardboard inner sleeves. They are a result of storage and use and have little impact on sound quality. Likewise, very few original vinyl records lie totally flat. As for background noise, all records will have some background noise which varies wildly and often reflects the very variable pressing quality. I have bought new heavy pressing LP's in recent years and many of the original records I am selling not only look better but they sound better! I only draw attention to marks, warping or background noise in my listings if I consider them significant.
Records are test played on superb Rega RP8, RP6, RP3 or modified Technics 1200/1210 turntables equipped with Ortofon 2M series or Rega Exact cartridges. Replay is through NJC Reference Series phono stages and pre-amplifiers to revealing studio monitors or professional Sennheiser & AKG headphones. This enables me to undertake careful evaluation of the record quality and grade accurately. I take my grading very seriously and often provide a photograph of the grading test play - you may even get a glimpse of my "Union Jack" RP3 turntable indicating the provenance of many of these wonderful albums.
This album is Pink Floyd's superb and classic "The Dark Side Of The Moon" LP on the EMI Harvest Records label SHVL 804. Matrix marks SHVL 804 A-2/SHVL 804 B-2, First Gt Britain Pressing. Stampers - Side 1 G G O; Side 2 G G T.
Vinyl grading is Excellent+ or even Near Mint according to the Record Collector Grading System. I can't see any marks of significance on the deep glossy vinyl at all under natural or artificial light. It appears barely played prior to my test plays. A quite SUPERB copy.
Test played superbly with fantastic audio and low overall background noise. It should be noted that there is a very slight "dish" in the vinyl which does not affect play in any way - many of these records had a slight dish shape from new. When I encounter a record which has a dish or slight warp I tend to use a record clamp as shown in a photo below, but this is not necessary - the record plays fine without one.
Given this is such an important record which will probably attract great interest I will describe the audio in more detail below.
I test played this LP two or three times. Prior to this, I don't recall ever having played it as I have so many other copies of this classic record on vinyl, tape and CD. When I played it, it was almost like playing a new record. The quiet heartbeat introduction to "Breathe" drifts in with only the lightest background noise. There is a single isolated low level "pop" at the end of "On The Run" but this is the only one I picked up on the whole record. The "Great Gig In The Sky" plays with a very quiet background. Side 1 plays with no audible distortion at all on my equipment andamazing audio which proves all thecritics right when they consider these first GB presses of DSOTM are unsurpassed for audio quality.
Side 2 continues in the same vein, "Money" kicking in with dynamic audio that knocks you off your feet! The whole side plays with clear undistorted dynamic audio and hardly any discernible background noise worth commenting on, even at the quiet ending "there is no dark side of the moon really, as a matter of fact it's all dark....."
I honestly can't find anything to criticise and to find afirst pressing of this album is such perfect condition must be an almost impossible task.
The thick Garrod & Lofthouse gatefold sleeve is in excellent overall condition as it has been stored in a plastic cover - see large scale photos below. Just some minor edge wear which should be evident on the photos. The posters are printed on a glossy type of paper and appear again in excellent condition. The stickers likewise are superb and a marked CRACK BACK on thereverse.
I dispatch worldwide in reinforced heavy duty LP mailers with cardboard reinforcements either side. I also use heavy duty packaging tape.
I have many other auctions of classic rock albums with more to come so please save me as a favourite seller. Typical postage prices as follows andcombined postage with other albums saves money(double album counts as 2 records):
UK: 1 record £3.50, 2 records £4.50, 3 records £6.
EU: 1 record £5.50, 2 records £7, 3 records £8.50.
International: 1 record £8.50, 2 records £10, 3 records £11.50.
Some countries may require International Signed For so please ask.
Please see my feedback, particularly on other records I have sold, and thanks for looking.