THE BEATLES Magical Mystery Tour US TEST PRESSING LP odd matrix numbers - rare vinyl collector item

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THE BEATLES Magical Mystery Tour US TEST PRESSING LP odd matrix numbers

THE BEATLES Magical Mystery Tour US TEST PRESSING LP odd matrix numbers
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13 Mar 2014
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Bronxville, New York

Item Description

This is a very special Beatles item. It is a test pressing of the US issue of Magical Mystery Tour. I have been collecting Beatles records for around 33 years and I have never come across another test pressing of a Beatles album from the 60's. Perhaps they are out there, I don't know.

The labels are plain white. You can see where the glue was applied to stick them on in the discoloration on them. Both sides have the same thing in old typewriter print.

(top line) Magical Mystery Tour SMAL 2835

(2nd line) The Beatles

Below the spindle hole

(top line) Not For Sale

(2nd line) Demonstration/Test

Side one has a "1" handwritten on the upper left hand side of the label, and side 2 has a "2" written in the same position.

Now for the baffling part. The matrix/dead wax.

Side one: SMAL-1 2835-B10 (and then about an inch an a half away) 2 (at the 9 oclock position away from this is) O

Side two: SMAL-2 2835-A11 (and in the nine o'clock) O

It looks like SMAL part on both sides was perhaps written over "ST" which I believe was the 1969 issue of the album. The SMAL etching is crowded on both sides, so perhaps it is the written over ST. But is the B10 and the A11 that are baffling. Were these early cuts? I listened to the album and could not notice any difference in the music, but perhaps I missed something?

So I think it is safe to say this is the 1969 issue of the album. I couldn't find info on the Apple version of the LP, so I don't know.

But based on this info, this is what you are getting. I'm not sure the exact issue date that this was made and for what reason.

Condition. It is in decent shape. Lots of signs of it being played, nothing too deep, but there are signs where the needle rubbed across the record. Some finger prints. There are just a few stray marks on side one that stand out, but they are not horrific. I'd give this a conservative VG grade, some would call it VG+.

I bought this record from a collector and not a dealer about a dozen years ago. He didn't know much about records or collecting, and this has been in my collection since then. I sent it to Perry Cox, and he didn't say it was a fake, but wanted to research more into it to see if he could find another one or at least more info. He was going to auction this for me, but he was quite back logged and I didn't want to wait. I do not say this as a way for you to think "Authorized by Perry Cox", but I am giving my history with this record and the fact that Perry did not call it a fake when he got it.

This is really rare. It is one of the most unqiue Beatles records that I have ever come across, and I have come across a lot of stuff over the years. I do not want to sell this but health issues are making ends meet a difficult thing for me, and I need to raise some funds. I really want this to go to a good home. I have treasured it since I first got it. But keep in mind I cannot let this go for a bargain.