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Wagner-Die Walkure, Act1 Decca SXL 2074 & 2075 ED1 EX/NM

WagnerDie Walkure Act1 Decca SXL 2074  2075 ED1 EXNM
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15 Sep 2013
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Portland, Oregon

Item Description

Wagner - Die Walkure, Act 1, Gotterdammerung (excepts), H. Knappertsbusch conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, with Kirsten Flagstad & others. Decca (UK) SXL-2074 & 2075 box set (2 LPs), ED1 labels, UK pressing.

LPs condition: Sides 1-3, EX+/NM. Side 4, EX. The vinyl appears clean and clear on all sides, with a couple of faint handling marks which do not sound. There are no spindle trails on the labels, suggesting very little play. I have auditioned the complete set, and heard no significant audible defects with the exception of a few turns of very light ticks on SXL-2074, side 2 near the start of band 2. Exceptional condition for a set of this vintage.

See my grading standards below for more information.

Box and Other: VG box. Both back and front of album box look fine viewed straight on, but the edges of the box are flaking from age, especially at the lower edge. The spine and hinge are both in nice condition. The original blue and white Decca inner sleeves are included, and appear crisp and nearly new. There is no booklet with this set.


Record Grades

Below are the guidelines I use. Ask me if you have any questions or need a fuller description for any item. I try my best to avoid causing you any unpleasant surprises when you get your record.
Mint (M): Only sealed LPs and LPs opened by me to confirm stamper information receive this grade.
Near mint (NM): LP is almost perfectly preserved. There may be a spindle trail or two, or an occasional light hairline or mark which will not sound during play. If there are visible marks on the vinyl, I will mention them as well as any audition results. A NM record will not have significant audible defects, unless these are clearly factory defects. Any such defects will be described in the listing.
Please remember, NM is not the same as mint and, for vintage LPs, even truly mint records will not sound flawless on good, modern equipment. Please be reasonable in your expectations.
Excellent+ (EX+): LP has a few more signs of play than NM, and may have a few spindle marks and some non-sounding hairlines or scuffs. It should not have significant audible defects.
Excellent (EX): LP may have a few slight surface marks and/or spindle trails. Although marks will mostly inaudible, some may cause light ticks for a brief time.
Very good (VG): There will be audible marks or scuffs but the record will be playable without skips or excessive wear.
Jackets and album boxes will be described and photos provided. Grading is approximately similar to those of LPs, telling how close the condition is to the originally issued item. Always feel free toask if you need more information.