Led Zeppelin II 2 LP 1st Press UK Red Plum LP Superb Audio - rare vinyl collector item

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Led Zeppelin II 2 LP 1st Press UK Red & Plum LP - Superb Audio!!

Led Zeppelin II 2 LP 1st Press UK Red  Plum LP  Superb Audio
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22 Aug 2017
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Whitchurch, Hampshire

Item Description

A 1st press from winter 1969 on the UK Atlantic label. Matrix A2/B2. The label shows the 'LEMON SONG' track - this is indicative of 1st issue. The heavy set vinyl comes housed in the original Ernest J. Day lighter brown cover - with spine faded to light blue/green. Also included is the original 'plastic bag warning' inner sleeve.

Vinyl (Ex+) In beautiful condition and has clearly been carefully looked after and seen only light use. Under close inspection we can only make out a couple of light marks either side. A thorough testing from beginning to end reveals an EXCELLENT+ level of playback with one slight deviation. Intros and inbetweens are totally silent and the audio comes across with perfect clarity and minimal interference. We didn't detect more than a couple of crackles [literally] in the odd place the whole way through. The only deviation is a small mark in the interlude between tracks 2 & 3. It causes a few ticks - miraculously these ticks only occur for the last couple of seconds of the outro to track 3, then during the interlude, and then they are no longer apparent the moment track 3 begins. So, it's affect on an actual song is almost zilch - bit I need to be absolutely clear that it is there. The audio quality from this early red & plum copy really is top-level. Perfect reproduction through all the frequencies. One of the best copies I have ever heard - and it was a real pleasure to test it!

Cover (Ex-) In great shape and has clearly been very carefully cared for. These covers often turn up quite worn and aged, but this one is preserved in well above average condition. There's a bit of handling wear slightly more noticeable on the rear. Colours are still nice and vibrant and edge wear is light and not excessive. The text on the spine is still visible, but it has - as nearly all original copies do - faded light blue/green.The cover retains good rigidity and remains an excellent example of an early original cover.

Inner (Vg+) Light ageing and one slight side split.

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