Death Cab For Cutie The Barsuk Years 6 x Vinyl LP 2 Vinyl EP s Box Set NEW - rare vinyl collector item

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Death Cab For Cutie ‎– The Barsuk Years 6 x Vinyl LP & 2 Vinyl EP's Box Set NEW

Death Cab For Cutie  The Barsuk Years 6 x Vinyl LP  2 Vinyl EPs Box Set NEW
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03 Sep 2017
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Rockingham, Western Australia

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Death Cab For Cutie‎–The Barsuk Years


Artist In Residence‎– AINR006,Artist In Residence‎– DCFC-TBY,Artist In Residence‎– dcfcvinylbox01


4 ×Vinyl, LP, Album, Remastered
2 ×Vinyl, LP, Album
2 ×Vinyl, 12", EP, Remastered
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered,180g




25 Mar 2013




Indie Rock


You Can Play These Songs With ChordsA1President Of What?4:06A2Champagne From A Paper Cup2:34A3Pictures In An Exhibition4:02A4Hindsight3:47B1That's Incentive2:13B2Amputations4:03B3Two Cars3:31B4Line Of Best FitVocals [Duet] –Abigail Hall5:49Something About AirplanesC1Bend To SquaresCello, Arranged By [String Parts], Written By [String Parts] –Erika JacobsWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Chris Walla4:33C2President Of What?Written-By –Ben Gibbard4:01C3Champagne From A Paper CupWritten-By –Ben Gibbard2:38C4Your BruiseWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Chris Walla4:19C5Pictures In An ExhibitionWritten-By –Ben Gibbard3:49D1Sleep SpentWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Chris Walla3:37D2The Face That Launched 1000 ShitsCello, Arranged By [String Parts], Written By [String Parts] –Erika JacobsWritten-By –Jay Chilcote3:41D3AmputationsWritten-By –Ben Gibbard4:54D4Fake FrownsWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Chris Walla4:30D5Line Of Best FitVocals –Abigail HallWritten-By –Ben Gibbard7:16We Have The Facts And We're Voting YesE1Title TrackWritten-By –Ben Gibbard3:29E2The Employment PagesWritten-By –Ben Gibbard4:04E3For What ReasonWritten-By –Ben Gibbard2:52E4Lowell, MAWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Chris Walla3:29E5405Written-By –Ben Gibbard3:37E6Little Fury BugsWritten-By –Ben Gibbard3:48F1Company CallsWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Chris Walla,Harmer*3:19F2Company Calls EpilogueWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Chris Walla5:16F3No Joy In MudvilleWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Chris Walla,Nicholas Harmer6:03F4Scientist StudiesWritten-By –Ben Gibbard5:55The Death Cab For Cutie Forbidden Love E.P.G1Photobooth3:46G2Technicolor Girls3:39G3Song For Kelly HuckabyDrums –Nathan GoodRecorded By –Chris Walla,Wes Weresch3:51H1405 (Acoustic)Recorded By –Ben Gibbard2:59H2Company Calls Epilogue (Alternate)5:22The Photo AlbumI1Steadier FootingDrums –Michael SchorrElectric Guitar –Chris WallaOrgan [Thin] –Nicholas HarmerVocals, Acoustic Guitar, Organ [Thick] –Ben GibbardWritten-By –Ben Gibbard1:47I2A Movie Script EndingDrums –Michael SchorrGuitar [Clean] –Chris WallaMIDI Controller [Bass Pedals] –Nicholas HarmerVocals, Guitar [Dirty], Organ –Ben GibbardWritten-By –Ben Gibbard4:19I3We Laugh IndoorsBass Guitar –Nicholas HarmerDrums –Michael SchorrGuitar, Guitar [Swells] –Chris WallaVocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar –Ben GibbardWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Walla*,Harmer*4:58I4Information Travels FasterBass Guitar –Nicholas HarmerDrums –Michael SchorrGuitar –Chris WallaVocals, Piano –Ben GibbardWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Walla*4:02I5Why You'd Want To Live HereBass Guitar –Nicholas HarmerDrums –Michael SchorrGuitar [Snotty] –Chris WallaVocals, Guitar [Polite] –Ben GibbardWritten-By –Ben Gibbard4:44I6Gridlock CaravansBass Guitar –Nicholas HarmerDrums –Michael SchorrGuitar [Right] –Chris WallaVocals, Guitar [Left] –Ben GibbardWritten-By –Ben Gibbard1:17J1Blacking Out The FrictionBass Guitar –Nicholas HarmerDrums –Michael SchorrGuitar –Chris WallaVocals [High] –Sean NelsonVocals [Low] –John VandersliceVocals, Electric Piano –Ben GibbardWritten-By –Ben Gibbard3:27J2I Was A KaleidoscopeBacking Vocals –John VandersliceBass Guitar –Nicholas HarmerDrums –Michael SchorrLead Guitar –Chris WallaVocals [Harmony] –Sean NelsonVocals, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano –Ben GibbardWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Walla*2:50J3Styrofoam PlatesBass Guitar –Nicholas HarmerDrums –Michael SchorrEffects [Tremolo], Guitar, Guitar [Swells], Piano –Chris WallaVocals, Guitar –Ben GibbardWritten-By –Ben Gibbard,Walla*,Harmer*5:24J4Coney IslandBass Guitar, Other [Good Idea] –Nicholas HarmerLoops, Drums, Tambourine, Shaker –Michael SchorrLoops, Piano –Chris WallaVocals, Guitar –Ben GibbardWritten-By –Ben Gibbard2:40J5Debate Exposes DoubtBass Guitar –Nicholas HarmerDrums –Michael SchorrGuitar [Clean], Piano –Chris WallaVocals, Guitar [Dirty], Organ –Ben