E Morricone B Nicolai 1972 ITALIAN LIBRARY Insane DARK GIALLO JAZZ Psych LP - rare vinyl collector item

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E.Morricone / B.Nicolai - 1972 ITALIAN LIBRARY Insane DARK GIALLO JAZZ Psych LP

EMorricone  BNicolai  1972 ITALIAN LIBRARY Insane DARK GIALLO JAZZ Psych LP
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PLEASE NOTE: Item is located and shipped from Italy.
Original 1972 GEMELLI label STEREOMONO pressing, cat. GG. ST. 10-020, Italy.
Still a quite unknown jam and an INSANE Italian Library session composed by Bruno Nicolai along with an uncredited Ennio Morricone. This is one of the scarcest from Gemelli catalogue including the original label sticker on front cover. A very underrated and RARE LP that features bloody cinematic scores at the same level of certain Nicolai's soundtracks like the killer TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO or MARQUIS DE SADE'S. Stunning obscure Giallo & dark themes, occasionally recalling Goblin's deepest sounds and for sure the scariest music ever composed by the duo Morricone/Nicolai. The catching Jazzy drums characterizes the entire session with frithening percussions, bass, constant rhythmic accompaniment & Free Improvisation sounds / Horror strings orchestra and many Experimental arrangements with decandent and dark atmospheres. In general this album has a huge Psychedelic/Avant-garde taste and really outstanding scary vibes. Some driving Thriller beats reminiscents of Gruppo Nuova Consonanza also elevates the music in here. For sure a holy grail of the genre and a very deep session. Another highly-desirable album from the infamous Gemelli collection along with the similar CONTROFASE by E.Morricone released in the same year and unmissable piece of any Library junkie / Giallo & Avant-garde Experimental music enthusiasts / DJs and producers for the very inspired samples featured. ITALIAN LIBRARY GEM!
The killing opener "IMMAGINATIVA" recalls a kind of Nuova Consonanza groove with Jazzy drums, experimental introduction that gives the way to dark percussions and terrific Psychedelic background. Horrific tense sounds, violent background strings with the same obsessive drumming accompained by double bass. "VOCALE" follows with its deadful chorus and scary atmospheres. "METODICA" has the same Jazzy drums groove but with faster mood: another superb Giallo theme with pulsing percussions and bassline, insane loops and thrilling beats. First track on the B side "CIRCOLARE" builds a Giallo/Psychedelic mood with always the same Jazzy drums plus Electronic effects and improvised nervous Piano notes with catching drum breaks. "SIMBOLICA" tension/dramatic theme brings the typical Nuova Consonanza's style, with total Free Improvisation sounds, dissonant rhythms and deep Experimental vibes. Avant-gande music masterpiece and Impressionism in music top shelf.
A1 Immaginativa A2 Vocale A3 Metodica A4 Risolutiva B1 Circolare B2 Riflessiva B3 Simbolica B4 Associativa B5 Integrante
Record: MINT archive copy, unused. Cover: MINT-, little storage stains on the back. A shiny new copy.
Buy with confidence and enjoy the grooves
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