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Twenty One Pilots - "Regional At Best" / "self-titled" 2-CD Promo / RARE

Twenty One Pilots  Regional At Best  selftitled 2CD Promo  RARE
Auction Details:
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15 Jan 2017
Seller Location
San Jose, California

Item Description

2-CD set; As shown in Pictures; Disc 1 is "Regional At Best" and has 14 tracks; Disc 2 is "self-titled" and has 14 tracks; Please Note: This is a Promo set and the discs are CDrs
Disc 1 ("Regional At Best")
1) Guns For Hands
2) Holding On To You
3) Ode To Sleep
4) Slowtown
5) Car Radio
6) Forest
7) Glowing Eyes
8) Kitchen Sink
9) Anathema
10) Lovely
11) Ruby
12) Trees
13) Be Concerned
14) Clear
Disc 2 ("Twenty One Pilots")
1) Implicit Demand For Proof
2) Fall Away
3) The Pantaloon
4) Addict With A Pen
5) Friend, Please
6) March To the Sea
7) Johnny Boy
8) Oh Ms Believer
9) Air Catcher
10) Trapdoor
11) A Car, a Torch, a Death
12) Taxi Cab
13) Before You Start Your Day
14) Isle Of Flightless Birds
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