Beatles LP INTRODUCING THE BEATLES Real Version 1 STEREO Title Back Vee Jay - rare vinyl collector item

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Beatles LP "INTRODUCING THE BEATLES" Real Version 1 STEREO Title Back - Vee Jay

Beatles LP INTRODUCING THE BEATLES Real Version 1 STEREO Title Back  Vee Jay
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10 Jul 2016
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Webster, New York

Item Description


The owner MUST SELL due to serious medical issues. So

here's your chance to own one of the RAREST pieces of

BEATLES recording history! It's highly doubtful that you

will ever see another one of these in your lifetime!

Try finding an AUTHENTIC copy of this LP anywhere intoday's

vinyl market. Good Luck in locating one!


Anyone familiar with this RARE LP knows the asking price here is wellBELOW

MARKETVALUE,aclear signto allthat theowner isserious aboutselling at a

pricewellwithinanyone's financial reach. If you're alegitimateBEATLE VINYL

COLLECTORyou'll give this serious consideration!



byVee JayRecordsissuedonJanuary10,1964.1ST Pressing; #VJLPS 1062on

label;#SR 1062on outerjacket. Pressed by MONARCH Recordsin LosAngeles,

CA.ARAREcollectiblenow 52+ YEARS OLD. 100% AUTHENTIC-NOTa common

FAKE! The outer jacket passes the 100%CONCLUSIVE"HONEY" Test (which NO

FAKE HAS EVER PASSED) making this LPcover & Discunquestionably authentic.

(Checkout all the photos posted).


Features the100%CONCLUSIVE "HONEY" TEST, one thatNO FAKEHAS EVER PASSED. Collectors know that in buying

itemslike this, whileauthenticSTEREOdiscs mustpass tests of their own, andhave individualvalue,much of the value ofthe

entire piece is inthis extremely RAREJACKET (SOMEEDGE WEAR;SEEPHOTOS). As forspecifics, the"SPINE"is intact,

thereisa small3/4"SPLITatthe top &bottombytheopening,butNOWRITING. Seamsare intact. MILDWEARon thelower

front is presentbyPAUL but this isquite typical ofthesejackets. Overall it isstillquite clean! Constructionis consistent with the

rigidheavy material used on all knownoriginal jackets. Knowledgeable collectors are awarethatAUTHENTICversions of this

jacket arenearlyIMPOSSIBLEto find in anycondition!Unfortunately, there is no actual statistic that would tellus howmanyof

these jacketswereeverconstructed, but certainlyfar fewerthan "AD BACKS"or"BLANKBACKS".On allFAKESit'stheback

cover that willtellyou all that you needto know withrespect to authenticity as long as you knowwhat tolookfor. If these jackets

weren't already considered rare enough, WEST COAST versions like this one are even rarer. The owner had obtained this album

as is from someone in the San Francisco area many years ago. (If you are looking for additional details, please feel free

to ask orrequest additional photos).

What is the difference between an EAST COAST and a WEST COAST version?(SEESECTIONS BELOW in"SOME


ALSO OF NOTE: Some collectors have written in asking if this cover requires the presence of the phrase"Printed inUSA"

on the lowerleft side, however it doesnot. This phrase only appears on ALL "AD BACKS"and only some"BLANK BACKS".

There's neverbeenanyevidence suggesting thatthis phrase hasEVERappeared on"VERSION 1 COLUMN BACKS"since

Vee Jaywas forcedtoswitch printersin1963fromCOBURNtoIVY HILL, who never included this phrase.(SEE PHOTO)

SEE SECTIONS 8;TEST #3 & SECTION 14 listed below for additional information.


VINYLfeatures light swirlingsurface scratches on both sides withtypical paperslides andscuffs. There's no deep scratches

or serious issues to the naked eye from what we can see. Remember that if inNMcondition,this veryRARE DISC &COVER

combowould fetchbetween$25,000&$35,000(andMAYBEMORE).OVALlabel listsLEFTJUSTIFIED SONGTITLES;

#"VJLPS1062"isat9:00; words"LONGPLAYING"and"MICROGROOVE"do notappearonthis labelversion. Label's

colorbandisclean, defined featuringthe requiredpresence of thecolor"GREEN". ThisDISCwaspressedbyMONARCH

RECORDS.Label features UPPERCASE typestyle."THEBEATLES" is locatedabovethespindlehole. To knowledgeable

collectors this is a definitive visiblefeature of authenticity. All correcttrailoffmarksarepresent.NotablytheCOVERbears

mostofthe value in this rare pairing of cover and disc. These VERSION 1STEREO DISCSare RAREintheir own right since

ONLY a TOTAL of 2,202 STEREO VERSION 1sWERE EVER PRESSEDincluding all of thosepaired witheither ADBACK

or BLANK BACK jackets. In an industry where typical pressings were likelyto have been in the manyhundreds ofthousands,

2,202 is considered to bea mere sampling and no doubt a direct result of allof the legalentanglementsthat Vee Jay hadto

endure not to mention all of their monetary problems in 1964.(If you're lookingfor additional details,please feel free

to ask orrequest additional photos)

Thisitem comeswith originalWHITEVee JayINNERSLEEVE(See Photos)which

illustrates25otherVee JayLPs and is the same pictorial used for all "ADBACKS".

SPECIAL NOTE: As expected with anyRARE"BEATLE" collectible,there willalwaysbethose whoquestion authenticity, since

admittedlythere are somanyFAKESoutthere. Thisappliesto anyRAREitem. We welcome any comments butask anyonewho

choosesto do so,at leastprovide us adetailedexplanation of any facts that you feel support yourposition. Otherwise, we ask that

you pleasereviewthephotos posted and read the complete description provided.

(These comments apply to any RARE collectible).

CATEGORY: Very RARE "Collectible" to be purchased as is and as described.

(VERSION 1 STEREO discs were pressed for Vee Jay by only (2) companies. Theywere AMERICAN RECORD PRESSING

Co.(ARP) &MONARCH RECORD MFG Co.(MR).Anotherfirm,SOUTHERNPLASTICS Inc. (SP) is rumored to also have

been used,howeverthere is NOevidence that any STEREO pressings have EVER been discovered from them - only MONO).

As of 3-7-16, an authenticVARIATION of this album was posted on ebay. We were excited to see this because itvalidatedwhat

we've been saying all along, that the STEREOVERSION 1 "COLUMN BACK"actually does exist. But how manywere actually

made? No one really knows. Based upon industry experts, existing Vee Jaystatsand market estimates, indications arethat no

more than 300were everassembled and paired with an authenticSTEREOrecord.

It's hard to believe how many FAKES of this LPcontinue toappear onebay! Buying aFAKEis awasteof anyone's timeandhard

earned money.This is incrediblyfrustrating to buyers searchingforauthenticvariationsof this great album.Sellers whoofferonly

AUTHENTICitems are also veryannoyed that they are continuallyforcedtocompete in a market that remainsfull of FAKEmaterial.

Thisproblem is now finallybeingaddressed byebay! Soon it may be impossible to even list a FAKE!

TO THE UNSUSPECTING BUYER: BEWARE of FAKES! Before you buy any versionofthisgreat LP, be sureyouunderstand all

the differences between FAKESandREAL ones. We say this not to insult anyonebutsimply to state that it is a well known fact that