Mobile Fidelity Beatles 14 LP box set - rare vinyl collector item

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Mobile Fidelity Beatles 14 LP box set

Mobile Fidelity Beatles 14 LP box set
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06 Jul 2016
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Cleveland, Ohio

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Here you have the famed Mobile Fidelity Sound Laboratory Beatles 14 album box set. Like new except for the rough edge on one album cover (see the pictures), played (some of the albums) a few times, and missing only the GEO disc from the original complement of albums, book and accessory (the GEO disc). Here's some info I found on the web: enjoy and make sure to get tempted by my other box set...The 11 LP Rolling Stones MFSL box set!!!

The Mobile Fidelity Sound LabBeatles Box Set

The Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (or MFSL )BeatlesBoxsetwas released in 1982 (exact date unknown to me, either October or November). It's official name is "TheBeatles/TheCollection"and it's catalogue number is MFSL BC-1.

Before the box set, MFSL had already released three of the Beatles LPs as individual items. The first was "Abbey Road" either on December 1979 or January 1980. The process for the discs included using the master tapes (when available) and then utilizing "half-speed" mastering of thelacquers. This was then pressed onto "super vinyl" when sent from California (MFSL headquarters) to the Yokohama factory of the Victor company in Japan in order to fabricate themetalmastersand the press the records. This "super vinyl" was transparent when held up to light and was heavy vinyl and harder than regular vinyl in order to establish the best sound possible. The master tape used for "Abbey Road" was actually the Capitol sub-masters and not the original from Abbey Road.

The secondBeatlesLPfrom MFSL was "MagicalMysteryTour". The master used for this project was actually from EMI but this version originated from Capitol and was used by EMI for the 1970s re-issue. This didn't make much sense when considering that this version contained second generation stereo for eight songs and fake (duophonic) stereo for three songs. This second release was put out on February 01 1981.

The thirdBeatles LPfrom MFSL was "TheBeatles (White Album)" issued on January 07 1982. The master tapes used for this project were also sub-masters from Capitol.

The box set was then released. The remaining 10 LPs were as follows: "Please Please Me" (using the original master tape from EMI), "With The Beatles" (also using the original master tape from EMI) "A Hard Day's Night" (also using the original master tape from EMI), "Beatles For Sale" (using a re-mix from the four track tape), "Help!" (using a re-mix tape), "Rubber Soul" (using a re-mix tape), "Revolver" ( using the original master tape from EMI), "Sgt. Pepper" (using a re-mix tape), "Yellow Submarine" (using a re-mix tape) and "Let It Be" (using a corrected copy tape). It is also interesting tonotethat "Pepper" in this set does not contain the recording of the high frequency or the "inner groove".

Supposedly, 25,000 copies of this box set were released. All sold out within a year.