Pink Floyd First XI Box Set Both Picture Discs PF11 LP Vinyl Records Ltd To 1000 - rare vinyl collector item

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Pink Floyd First XI Box Set Both Picture Discs PF11 LP Vinyl Records Ltd To 1000

Pink Floyd First XI Box Set Both Picture Discs PF11 LP Vinyl Records Ltd To 1000
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13 Nov 2015
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Kelmscott, WA

Item Description

As I only have 12 pics to display, I have used most of them to show you the key areas, and the parts that are not perfect.
I have barely paid any attention to the Seven "as new" records in the pictures.
The Green and Yellow stickers you see in the pics, are on the plastic outer covers, not on the actual sleeve. They are my own indicators for the vinyl condition within the sleeve. I did not remove the sleeves from their outer protection sleeves, as I do not like to handle these unnecessarily.
Only Piper was removed for just these pics.
Pink Floyd - The First XI Box Set 1979
With Both Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here Picture Discs.
This box set contains the first Eleven Pink Floyd albums, from Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, through to Animals.
Ummagumma is a double album, so there are actually 12 Vinyl records in this set, 9 of which are Near Mint and 3 are Excellent.
The first Eight albums (9 discs) are like new.
Piper has a small area on the back of the sleeve that has rubbed on the inside of the box (pictured) - other than that, it is like new.
All of the edges and corners are sharp, and all of the sleeve surfaces are magnificent.
The spines, and mouths of the sleeves are perfect... the first 8 albums have not been played or handled very much at all.
There is no disc impression or any ring wear on these sleeves, and I am not overstating the condition of these first eight albums.
It looks as if the only Three records played were the last Three.
I have pictured Piper, as it is the only one with an imperfection to show, but you can see the rest of the sleeve is immaculate.
The Two Picture Discs (Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here) are in Excellent condition, and play very nicely - but picture discs are not known for there audio quality or smooth surfaces.
These are not audiophile pressings, but they are official and they are are rare.
They play good, and worthy, but not skips or clicks etc.
They both look great, WYWH plays very good, and DSOTM plays excellent.
No shrink-wrap, inserts or stickers.
The Picture Discs were only available in these box sets
There were only 1000 box sets made available to the public, and many, if not most of them, have been split up and sold separately... Finding these box sets complete with the picture discs still in tact is getting harder all the time.
Pink Floyd picture discs are common on eBay, but 90% of the ones listed are not official... they are bootlegs, or fakes.... These Two are the real deal - these Two are official, from the UK, and both are Limited to 1000.
There is a small mark just above the Prism on side One of DSOTM. (pictured)
I think it is a manufacturing fault, as it appears to be under the clear vinyl, and it does not sound at all on playback.
Animals - All of Side one, and 75% of side Two is Near Mint... but the first track on Side Two is excellent, with 3 light scratches that faintly sound in the first half of track One.
The music quality is still like new, and the track is still excellent overall.
The sleeve is also Excellent, as there is some small areas that have rubbed on the inside of the box, causing some ink loss to the front of the cover.
The two bookend albums, (Piper and Animals), both have light rub wear from the box. The back of Piper, and the front of Animals.
Further Options..
If you would like to improve this set with some Black vinyl issues of DSOTM and WYWH, I can accommodate you well with several different issues of both albums available.
There will be no extra postage, and I will give you a very good price on any other issues you may want... that includes the other albums that are not in this box set, from The Wall, to The Endless River.
International post is at 3.9kg unpacked and just under 5kg packed well.