Paul McCartney Sweet Thrash Hope For The Future 12 Vinyl RSD 2015 Beatles Rare - rare vinyl collector item

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Paul McCartney Sweet Thrash/Hope For The Future 12" Vinyl RSD 2015 Beatles Rare

Paul McCartney Sweet ThrashHope For The Future 12 Vinyl RSD 2015 Beatles Rare
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03 Sep 2015
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San Francisco, California

Item Description

Secret Record Store Day 2015 release allegedly signed by Paul McCartney. A first wave of records appeared in selected shops in the UK on 6th-7th of April 2015. Selected shops in the US received a single copy and were instructed to not advertise it or include it with the rest of the RSD releases, but to hide it under the Paul McCartney section at RSD 18th of April. Each side contains a different unreleased alternate mix of "Hope For The Future". 
Allegedly limited to 100 copies worldwide. 
The record was originally released in a white generic die-cut cardboard jacket, a thin white inner sleeve and an inserted card with details of how to download a '3D printable Paul' figurine.
This record is in new, unplayed condition. There is a small ding and a light crease in one corner. Please see photos.