Pink Floyd The First XI LP Box Set Near Mint unplayed Prog Rock 33RPM - rare vinyl collector item

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Pink Floyd 'The First XI' LP Box Set, Near Mint, unplayed. Prog Rock, 33RPM.

Pink Floyd The First XI LP Box Set Near Mint unplayed Prog Rock 33RPM
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11 Jun 2015
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Sarasota, Florida

Item Description

Selling brother's albums-he went to a nursing home.It's obvious I should have more info on this item just from the questions posed by eBay. I will add more after work today.As to which edition or release this is, I am more confused now than I was earlier.The box spine is clearly marked"Harvest PF11"-see photo 2. The name "The First XI" makes sense, as this is their first eleven albums, which includes "Animals." There are 12 lps, as Umma Gummais a double album. However, based on, "Animals" was not part of the set. It was released in January of 1977.My goal is to tell you what I see. Ihave no desire to become an album expert, and won't live long enough to do so. My goal is to get rid of about 3,000 albums and get my 2nd bedroom back. And my life.

I am going to proceed with this being Harvest PF11, thelimited edition of the Pink Floyd box set "The First XI". The outer box is near mint-paper is peeling back on one bottom corner less than a half inch and could be easily repaired-visible in pic 2.The sleeves are mint. The shrink wrap on the two picture discs is opened; I assume he wanted to see the picture discs, as did I.Notice I am wearing nitrile "powder free" gloves while handling the 'Dark Side' album.The albums themselves have not been played. I doubt that any but the two picture discs have been out of the sleeves. He has standard copies of all these albums, so there was no reason to track these.

The 2 decals mentioned by are there. I suspect the 2-pyramid posters and the 1 post card are there as well, but I did not want to remove the cellophane from Dark Side and WYWH. Let that be your pleasure. Also did not include a photo of side 2 of the Dark Side picture disc, to let the lucky winner enjoy it for themselves. I thought it was pretty cool.

In all, this is as near a mint condition set as I've seen pictures of online. May the best Floyd fan win!